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Poland Today: What will be the main challenges for Poland in your industry over the next 10 years?

Robert Mołdach: The aging population and rising costs of healthcare is the straightforward answer. We need to focus on the solution, not the problem. We know the solution, but it is a huge challenge. We need to include social spending in the total cost of care, redirecting the budget so that the pyramid of care is based on prevention and primary care, also coordinating care when diagnosing and discharging the patient. The network of hospitals needs to be redesigned, so it is based on patient needs rather than personal, political or historical concerns. Doctors’ tasks need to be outsourced to nurses, and nurses’ tasks to other medical personnel. An ecosystem needs to be created which supports the development of innovative medicines in Poland. These are just a few examples. But which government will be brave enough to corner the bull?

PT: What will be the opportunities for Poland in your industry over the next 10 years?

RM: The opportunities are in e-health, telemedicine, mobile apps, integrated health records and AI-based health advisory solutions. The much demanded integration of public registers would immediately open endless opportunities in cost management and value-based healthcare, while expiring patent rights for innovative medicines will bring the costs of care down and make it more accessible.

PT: What are your hopes for Poland over the next 10 years?

RM: I hope that different parties and political movements will finally and collectively consider healthcare as an area of profit for the national economy, rather than a cost in the national budget. Although Prime Minister Morawiecki declares healthcare to be the paramount priority, in reality it remains treated the same way as the police or the military forces – as a cost item. The declaration to grow healthcare spending to 6% of GDP shows that the focus is there, but the paradigm in healthcare must shift. I actually believe we are quite close to understand this.

PT: What are your concerns for Poland over the next 10 years?

RM: The nation has often been torn apart in its history – in the 18th century between three superpowers, then in WWII , and then by the division of the world after the war. The tensions and differences that we see in politics today are a simple consequence of wounds that have never fully healed. This makes us weaker than we should be. In order to cope with our challenges, we must focus on our common objectives. Having said that...

...our international allies need to make more effort to understand our way of perceiving reality. Thankfully, business remains smart, keeping its eye on the economy.

Robert Mołdach for Poland Today

Full article aviable at https://poland-today.pl/looking-forward/

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